Stainless Steel Birdbath

Metaform bird bath finished-featured

Stainless Steel Birdbath Latest project finished for a client, stainless steel birdbath, twisting windy organic creeper like elements supporting a scalloped dish filled with river pebbles and with a kingfisher trying its luck. Made of marine grade stainless steel, some of it ground and polished, some sandblasted and subtly coloured with Gilders Paste.  First image […]

Dinosaur Ant Sculpture


Dinosaur Ant sculpture armature Poochera roadhouse, South Australia. Concept, installation and rendering (and photos) by Dave Waters. Overall form, posture, design and fabrication by Alex Sanson. If you’d like a design, a quote or to visit the studio, please call 0417 359 245, or  

Small Revolutions

Small Revolutions kinetic sculpture

Small Revolutions A project commissioned by Kath Melbourne for Melbourne Fringe Festival and installed in Federation Square, Melbourne, 2007. From the program: Take a plunge, spin out, teeter on the edge, be transported. Communities of young and old, a kinetic sculptor and artists have conjured a surprising take on what connects us all. Mechanisms, structures, […]

Interview with the Stockroom


Meet Your Maker: Alex Sanson, Metaform  February 2011, Interview by Megan Spencer @ The Stockroom  “Do sculptors see the world differently to the rest of us?” The answer to that question might indeed be a ‘yes’ after you glimpse the work of Alex Sanson… Practicing for the last 20 years, Alex Sanson is a talented […]

Interview in The Age Newspaper


My space, Alex Sanson Author Interview: Andrew Stephens Date: 22/09/2007 Source: The Age Interview with Alex Sanson in The Age Kinetic artist Alex Sanson has been the nuts-and-bolts man behind a project called Small Revolutions for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. For the past two months he has spent 12-hour days welding together and standing inside […]