White Night Melbourne Installations


White Night Melbourne 2017 kinetic sculpture installations White Night commissioned the installation of two large kinetic sculptures for the February 2017 event.  Spherophyte was installed on a grassy hill at Birrarung Marr with views of the Art Centre and the city while Nebulous was set between two grand buildings, the classical Royal Exhibition Building and the ultra modern Melbourne Museum […]

Cascading Equilibria kinetic sculpture video

one-too-many kinetic sculpture

Cascading Equilibria kinetic sculpture video New video finally of two smaller kinetic interactive sculptures, featuring vertically cascading delicately balanced elements. Both about 90cm high, stainless steel, 2010 and 2011.  

Gyre kinetic sculpture

Gyre kinetic sculpture

Gyre kinetic sculpture. When installed in public spaces, a very small motor (it’s balanced well enough that a motor that would normally drive a platter in a microwave oven easily does the job) turns the inner sphere at low speed, about 4 rpm and this creates an impression of a gently shifting surface, especially from […]

Giddy Pirouette kinetic sculpture 2011

Giddy Pirouette kinetic sculpture

Giddy Pirouette kinetic sculpture. Kinetic sculpture by Alex Sanson, 2011.   Originally installed at the Stockroom Gallery, Kyneton, Victoria for The Delicate Equilibrium of Being solo exhibition, 2011. Since featured at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Regional Forces Exhibition, 2014. Steel, bearings, beeswax and linseed oil. 1.35 x 0.6 x 1.0m variable and approximate. Thanks […]

Nebulous kinetic sculpture installation

Nebulous kinetic sculpture

Nebulous kinetic sculpture Nebulous was commissioned for an outdoor festival – Maitreya – in Charlton, rural Victoria, Australia, 2015.  It occupied a central position amongst the crowd in the main music area and was intended to encourage a moment of contemplation and wonder in an energetic atmosphere. Starting as an intricately patterned, perfectly formed globe, […]


kinetic sculpture

Susurrus kinetic sculpture “Susurrus” – to murmur or whisper. Susurrus gently breathes, folding and unfolding as shapes intersect, combine and dissolve in an endless and effortless cycle. Reminiscent of the pause after a long deep inhalation, Susurrus can at first glance appear static, before it gathers itself and glides into a transforming exhalation, pausing again, […]

Wabi Sabi Japanese Restaurant, Melbourne


Wabi Sabi Garden Japanese restaurant, St Kilda, Melbourne Sculptural lighting installations inspired by Japanese love of cherry blossom. Rusted steel, Japanese silk, low voltage lighting. Also mezzanine, bar, wood cabinets, doors, eating platforms (indoor and outdoor), and general fit out. If you’d like a design, a quote or to visit the studio, please call 0417 359 […]

Dinosaur Ant Sculpture


Dinosaur Ant sculpture armature Poochera roadhouse, South Australia. Concept, installation and rendering (and photos) by Dave Waters. Overall form, posture, design and fabrication by Alex Sanson. If you’d like a design, a quote or to visit the studio, please call 0417 359 245, or  

Small Revolutions

Small Revolutions kinetic sculpture

Small Revolutions A project commissioned by Kath Melbourne for Melbourne Fringe Festival and installed in Federation Square, Melbourne, 2007. From the program: Take a plunge, spin out, teeter on the edge, be transported. Communities of young and old, a kinetic sculptor and artists have conjured a surprising take on what connects us all. Mechanisms, structures, […]

Material World


Material World A project produced by Melbourne Fringe Festival and installed in Federation Square, Melbourne, 2006. From the program: Material World is a unique interactive installation exploring the experience of asylum seekers who journey to Australia searching for a home. Devised by Ian Pidd, Alex Sanson and Jessica Wilson with participants from the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, this wonderful, inviting, […]