Flinders Lane Gallery exhibition

Flinders Lane Gallery Exhibition

So excited to be part of this group show – Exploration 16 – at Flinders Lane Gallery!

I’m showing two of my favourite recent works, both kinetic and interactive, Murmuring and Distant Ripple, both of which have had a great response and won prizes at previous shows.

Love to see you at the opening on Tuesday the 31st of May at 5.30pm (I think you have to RSVP to or 03 9654 3332 for the opening) or come down and check out the show that runs until 18th of June, I think eight other awesome fellow artists!

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More info on the works below:



Murmuring is a kinetic, interactive sculpture, inspired in the first instance by the beautiful ‘murmuration’ events when vast flocks of starlings fly together, and then by my fascination with the motion derived from linked similar elements that may move in or out of phase with each other depending on their relationship at that moment.

“Murmuring, to create or reflect on a murmuration, movement of the one, massed becoming a whole greater than the parts. Murmuring seeks the balance between independent and inter-dependent movement and the harmony that may lie there and indeed invites the viewer to create their own pattern or chaos.”

Murmuring won the Yering Station Sculpture prize in 2015.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, ostrich feathers, bearings and pigment.
1.7m high, 0.9m diameter

Distant Ripple


Distant Ripple was inspired by recent discoveries/confirmation (since disproved – ahem, oops) of gravity waves emanating from the briefest moments after the Big Bang. And this got me thinking of these colossal forces acting from unimaginable distance and time, so attenuated in their travels that they are barely detectable (as it happens, undetectable, so far anyway). Sort of like a reverse butterfly effect, started off enormous, now so slight that we struggle to perceive it, yet these remnant forces underpin everything, are everywhere, passing through us leaving a flutter that would make a butterfly seem like an elephant tramping through us. So, Distant Ripple is a meditation on forces acting from afar, perceptions altered, space and environment changed…

Distant Ripple was first installed at Horsham Regional Art Gallery for the Regional Forces Exhibition in May, 2014
In September, 2014, it was installed at the Spring Sculpture Prize, Lot 19 Gallery in Castlemaine, where it won the Tonks Sculpture Prize.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, bearings and pigment.
1.7m high, 0.9m diameter

All video and photos (apart from Distant Ripple video – by the artist) thanks to: Lorena Carrington and James McArdle  –