Gyre kinetic sculpture

Gyre kinetic sculpture.

When installed in public spaces, a very small motor (it’s balanced well enough that a motor that would normally drive a platter in a microwave oven easily does the job) turns the inner sphere at low speed, about 4 rpm and this creates an impression of a gently shifting surface, especially from a distance. When installed at the artist’s studio as shown in the moving footage, wind is relied upon to turn it and speed can vary.

Steel, motor and gearbox, paint 1.6m. diameter.

Exhibited at:

  • ‘Metaforms’ exhibition at The Foundry, Melbourne, 2004.
  • ‘Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition’ Yarra Valley, 2004. Received the People’s Choice Award.
  • ‘Toorak Sculpture Exhibition’ Melbourne, 2005

First photo by James McArdle & Lorena Carrington, all others and video by Alex Sanson