Nebulous kinetic sculpture installation

Nebulous kinetic sculpture

Nebulous was commissioned for an outdoor festival – Maitreya – in Charlton, rural Victoria, Australia, 2015.  It occupied a central position amongst the crowd in the main music area and was intended to encourage a moment of contemplation and wonder in an energetic atmosphere.

Starting as an intricately patterned, perfectly formed globe, “the earth as seen from the moon, a living jewel floating in space” formed of a lattice work of delicate steel with a surface of thousands of oversized glittering sequins.  Then in a slowly throbbing living cycle, the globe expands into a much larger ellipsoid, shapes intersecting, meshing.   In daylight, the intricacy of the mechanism adds to the visual dynamic, at night, the mechanism disappears leaving a layered, glittering, pulsing sphere transforming into an ellipsoid and back again.

6.5m high, approximately 5m diameter (variable).  Steel, holographic sequins, paint, electric drive mechanism and lighting.

Check out the YouTube video of Nebulous or photo gallery below.