New Murmuring kinetic sculpture photos and video

New Murmuring kinetic sculpture photos and video

I’ve just got back fabulous photos and video from Lorena Carrington and James McArdle of my Yering Station prize winning sculpture, Murmuring!



I have posted photos of Murmuring before but they were quick snaps taken in-situ at Yering Station, these news ones are beautifully done, thank you Lorena and James.

Murmuring is a kinetic, interactive sculpture, inspired in the first instance by the beautiful ‘murmuration’ events when vast flocks of starlings fly together, and then by my fascination with the motion derived from linked similar elements that may move in or out of phase with each other depending on their relationship at that moment.

“Murmuring, to create or reflect on a murmuration, movement of the one, massed becoming a whole greater than the parts. Murmuring seeks the balance between independent and inter-dependent movement and the harmony that may lie there and indeed invites the viewer to create their own pattern or chaos.”

Carbon steel, stainless steel, ostrich feathers, bearings and pigment.
1.7m high, 0.9m high