Pisculenta kinetic and interactive sculpture

Pisculenta kinetic and interactive sculpture

Pisculenta is a kinetic, interactive sculpture, inspired by the motion of schooling fish…


Finalist at Yering Station Sculpture Competition, 2016.

Building on ideas of how otherwise independent entities may be profoundly  influenced by their neighbours or peers, Pisculenta draws on the schooling of fish, no one leader but many teaming individuals, linked yet discrete. The viewer is invited to interact with the work and be the spark that initiates an unpredictable flight of the manifold elements.

Steel, stainless steel, sandstone, pigment, bearings, ball chain
1.8m high, 1m diameter.

You can see here for  making of pics or you can see descriptions and explanations of my processes and thoughts attached to these photos on my instagram account and search the hashtag #pisculenta or just click to go the Pisculenta photos direct.

Video and photos thanks to: Lorena Carrington and James McArdle  –