Yering Station Sculpture Award

Murmuring kinetic sculpture

Just won the Yering Station Sculpture Award! Thrilled to have been awarded this prize yesterday for the 2015 sculpture show, for my kinetic and interactive sculpture, Murmuring. Always had a soft spot for this show, one of the earlier big group shows that I entered, the first time I think back in 2002 or thereabouts. […]


Murmuring kinetic sculpture

Murmuring kinetic sculpture Interactive feather and steel sculpture installed at Yering Station Sculpture Competition, 2015 Yering Station is a beautiful winery in the Yarra Valley, Victoria that put on this great show every year and of which I have been a part quite a few time in the past.  Thanks particularly to Savaad Felich, the […]

Cascading Equilibria kinetic sculpture video

one-too-many kinetic sculpture

Cascading Equilibria kinetic sculpture video New video finally of two smaller kinetic interactive sculptures, featuring vertically cascading delicately balanced elements. Both about 90cm high, stainless steel, 2010 and 2011.  

Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition


Precipitous sculpture accepted for Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition My feathery and steel work Precipitous has been accepted into this years Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition.  Very glad to be back there, I had a kinetic work – Gyre – in their inaugural show, suspended in an atrium where the main presentations happened. I was thinking of the moment one […]

Armillary Sphere

Armillary Sphere

Armillary Sphere. Commissioned as a memorial for my customer’s husband. It was designed to have a fairly tough construction to be able to survive the rigours of being installed in a public space.  It was made of out of marine grade stainless steel and will ultimately be mounted on a stone plinth by the stone masons.

Distant Ripple YouTube

Distant Ripple kinetic sculpture

Distant Ripple YouTube video Finally a video of the Distant Ripple kinetic sculpture   Distant ripple was inspired by recent discoveries/confirmation (since disproved – ahem, oops) of gravity waves emanating from the briefest moments after the Big Bang. And this got me thinking of these colossal forces acting from unimaginable distance and time, so attenuated […]

Movie of Small Revolutions sculpture


Movie of Small Revolutions sculpture Just uploaded a movie of the rolling ball sculpture! Currently set up at Lot 19 gallery in Castlemaine, come and see it in the next few weeks! Thanks to Ben and Ben of Deep Fried Dub for the soundtrack.  Please check out their awesome music here:   Originally commissioned […]

Lot 19 Play show opening tomorrow

Lot 19 Play show opening tomorrow! I’m part of this group show, Play, come on down, should be great! (at Lot19 gallery lot 19 Langslow street, Castlemaine) ‘play’, the final of a series of three exhibitions about arts practice, “play” is a chance for our highly skilled artists to have some fun, to break the mold […]

Lot 19 Spring Sculpture Show – won Tonks Prize!

Alex Sanson - Distant Ripple

Lot 19  Spring Sculpture Show – won Tonks Prize! Entered my work, Distant Ripple in the annual Lot 19 Spring Sculpture Prize.  And won the Tonks sculpture prize.  So glad you liked it and thanks for your support, Tonks Building Supplies in Castlemaine! Thanks too to Mark Anstey for assistance in setting it up and […]

Arts Open Castlemaine Sculpture

kinetic sculpture

Just picked up my piece from the ARTS OPEN show in Castlemaine.   Curated by Robin Walton – thank you! – in a show titled Plenty in the Market Building in Castlemaine.  Arts Open is a new and fantastic initiative in the Shire with loads of open studios and other events, every second year swapping […]