Welcome to sculpture by Alex Sanson

Interactive and kinetic Sculpture

Fascinated with the way movement and play can draw an audience in, Alex Sanson is driven to create interactive, kinetic sculpture and installation art – that can be touched, played with, marvelled at, and that deeply engages, delights and inspires.

All the things that invite involvement rather than mere passive spectating have driven Alex’s creations, either being able to actually play with it or to deeply immerse yourself in it…


Alex is fascinated by kinetic sculpture that can be touched and played with, in which movement and interaction drive engagement and participation.

Festivals & Events

Alex (also known as Metaform) loves to build giant kinetic sculpture, focal points for contemplative wonder, or mesmerising, energetic and euphoric centrepieces.

Metal Work

Drawing upon his sculptural aesthetic, Alex designs and makes gates, lighting and all manner of artisanal and architectural metalwork.

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