Every Artist Ever exhibition

Every Artist Ever exhibition

Every Artist Ever exhibition 1920 1440 Alex Sanson - Sculpture

Every Artist Ever – Exhibition at Stockroom Gallery

Excited to have a piece in the Every Artist Ever Show at Stockroom Gallery in Kyneton.

Invite from the gallery:

We are very excited to announce our next exhibition Every Artist Ever. To celebrate out 10 year (+1) anniversary we have invited every artist that has ever shown with us to submit a work. It’s HUGE!
A celebratory event not to be missed. 10 years + 1!!!
for presale catalogue:

My new work Murmuring Mk2 will be on show, come have a play!  Work in progress pics here and finished pics and video here.

In a similar theme to Murmuring, it’s very much inspired by the massed flight of starlings in a murmuration – budgerigars do a similar sort of thing which is convenient as the feathers are discarded by my kid’s budgies.

Together so much more than apart, many of us, we do become more, something new, with a life of its own, still independent but very much inter-dependent too.  Murmuring mk2 is a play on this, on the beautiful pattern and chaos that can emerge from the contradictions in a life both bound and free.

25x25x25cm, stainless steel, brass, bearings, budgie feathers.