Distant Ripple

  • Distant Ripple
  • Distant Ripple - detail
  • Distant Ripple - in motion
  • Distant Ripple- in motion - detail

An interactive and kinetic sculpture – Distant Ripple, while still exploring the relationships between entities but this time drawn from the physical rather than animal world, huge, majestic, distant, yet all interrelated, planets discovered only by looking at wobbles in the path of other planets. Distant Ripple was further inspired by the recent discovery of gravity waves emanating from the extraordinarily distant yet massive black holes colliding – dreaming of those colossal forces acting over unimaginable distances and time, and now so attenuated from their travels that they are barely detectable. It’s like a reverse butterfly effect, something that started off enormous, and now so slight that we struggle to perceive it. Yet these remnant forces underpin everything, are everywhere, passing through us leaving the slightest flutter. Distant Ripple is a meditation on forces acting from afar, perceptions altered, space and environment changed…

Distant Ripple was first installed at Horsham Regional Art Gallery for the Regional Forces Exhibition in May, 2014.  In September, 2014, it was installed at the Spring Sculpture Prize, Lot 19 Gallery in Castlemaine, where it won the Tonks Sculpture Prize.  Now in a private collection.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, bearings and pigment.  1.7m high, 0.9m diameter