Djalgala Yarra, an Arboreal Meditation

Djalgala Yarra, an Arboreal Meditation.

(Djalgala Yarra translates to tree, embrace in the Darug Language)

A kinetic sculpture designed for Blacktown Hospital, Sydney.

Installed in a courtyard next to the entrance of the new wing of the hospital, 2019

Created by Alex Sanson
in collaboration with Leanne Tobin

Djalgala Yarra, an arboreal meditation, is inspired by the iconic Sydney Red Gum (Angophora Costata), a tree holding cultural significance to the local Darug community. Darug artist, Leanne Tobin writes: Angophora Costata is a source of old bush medicine and is seen by many local Aboriginal people as a women’s tree with its wide opening arms, its majestic presence and human-like folds and form. This kinetic sculpture was created by Alex and Leanne to contribute to a space of calm, contemplative wonder and to draw the viewer in with its hypnotic motion that is at once tranquil and mesmerizing.

Materials: Stainless steel, acrylic, mechanical components, 6m high, 5.2m diameter, 2019

Photos by  Rich Mammoliti  and Alex Sanson