A kinetic sculpture for Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards, 2022

Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, mechanical components, fringe, pigment. 2.2m high, 1.1m diameter

With ever mounting despair at the grim march of climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation and simple destruction of natural beauty in this world which is so important for our aesthetic and spiritual appreciation of our place here, the tree has for me become a quintessential symbol of that which we must nurture and protect.  As an individual organism, or as part of a symbiotic manifold ecosystem, trees singular or plural provide us and especially first nations peoples so many services, shelter, food, tools, medicine, meeting places, habitat for other creatures or plants we depend on, soil retention, water filtering, oxygen generation on CO2 scrubbing and often and far from least, provision of enormous aesthetic beauty and peace of mind.

So this is in part my homage to a tree, after many abandoned attempts at a more literal interpretation came the realization that I cannot come close the beauty of an actual tree in a literal form, so here is a more abstract version… Hopefully one that will bring moments of tranquility, inspiration, meditation, and perhaps reflection on what we are doing to our world.

Photos and video shot and edited by James McArdle and Lorena Carrington.