Maitreya / Real Festival / White Night

Nebulous is a towering kinetic sculpture designed to encourage a moment of reflection and wonder in the midst of a dynamic public space. It is inspired by imaginations of the earth as seen from the moon – a living jewel floating in space, a throbbing jelly fish or a cell dividing.

When static, Nebulous is a colourful, intricately patterned, perfectly formed globe mounted on a steel tower. It is formed of a 3 dimensional nebulous lattice work of delicate steel arms which are accentuated by thousands of oversized glittering holographic sequins. When brought to life, in a slowly throbbing living cycle, the globe expands into a much larger ellipsoid, with shapes intersecting and meshing. Up close, the intricate mechanism adds to the intrigue. From a distance, the mechanism recedes, leaving a layered, glittering, pulsing sphere transforming into an ellipsoid and back again in an endless, effortless cycle.

The moving parts are supported on a steel truss tower and base which integrate and enclose the motor, gearboxes, control boxes and lighting.

6.5m high, approximately 5m diameter (variable). Steel, holographic sequins, paint, electric drive mechanism and lighting.

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