Small Revolutions

An interactive and kinetic sculpture installation commissioned by Kath Melbourne for Melbourne Fringe Festival and installed in Federation Square, Melbourne, 2007.
From the program: Take a plunge, spin out, teeter on the edge, be transported. Communities of young and old, a kinetic sculptor and artists have conjured a surprising take on what connects us all.
Mechanisms, structures, projections and soundscapes within this highly-visible sculpture encourage interaction from the audience, whilst examining the nature of life and ageing in a way that is relevant to people across all generations.

In collaboration with other key (community and multimedia) artists, Jeremy Angerson and Nadja Kostich.

Since re-imagined and installed for a Craft Victoria Craft Cubed satellite event, at the Stringybark Festival in Rowville and as part of the Play exhibition at Lot 19 gallery in Castlemaine.

5.5 x 4.5 x 3.5m. Carbon Steel, stainless steel, acrylic balls, motor and gearboxes, lighting and wiring.