Rainbow Serpent / White Night

Spherophyte is a colourful kinetic sculpture of giant proportions that unfurls in a celebratory blossoming of near-constant motion. It was created to be simultaneously mesmerizing and energetic, contemplative and euphoric and above all to generate a sense of captivating wonder.

Spherophyte has 48 moving arms in nine groups, activated by one motor driving two gearboxes that in turn drive reciprocating mechanisms in the centre of the column. These reciprocating mechanisms are linked via pushrods to the arms which, like gently swishing shimmering petals, come alive under lights at night and move slowly in and then out of phase with each other. All these moving parts are visible and add to the intricacy and intrigue of the work so that despite its complexity, its workings can be observed and understood . Inspired by meditative breathing, the overall effect is a hypnotic motion that rarely stops entirely, preferring instead to glide on, gently breathing, folding and unfolding as shapes intersect, combine and dissolve in an endless and effortless cycle.

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